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Valentine Michalski’s primary goal for every painting, whether a new acquisition, a family heirloom or of museum quality, is to reveal its aesthetic qualities and to unveil the original vision of the artist. Valentine Michalski has been providing restoration and conservation services for 40 years..
Restoring a valued work of art is a delicate procedure requiring patience, precision, attention to detail and a wide range of skills and knowledge. Valentine Michalski has all of these qualifications and the professional experience to restore, conserve and preserve treasured paintings.
Oil painting conservation can repair many conditions: torn or sagging canvas, grime, discolored varnish, smoke, fire or water damage, flaking pigment and general deterioration.


Painting conservation and repair have evolved over the years with the use of non-destructive methods and reversible materials and techniques.

Valentine Michalski is an experienced practitioner of this discipline who can restore paintings as closely as possible to their original appearance and preserve them in that condition.

This is an example of a very dramatic cleaning—with grime and discolored varnish removed the original colors are restored to what the artist originally painted.
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